Monday, November 27, 2006

Bad Car Karma, part 3 (the horror continues)

That picture pretty much sums up what the car's been up to lately.

On Wednesday on the way down to San Diego in the BMW, a large white truck loaded with crap passed us on the right driving recklessly. As it did so, a baby seat went flying out of the back (no, no baby in it!) and bounced up and under our car, knocking off part of the front bumper, the front license plate, and taking out the auxillary fan. We pulled over right away but couldn't get the license info from the truck. Ryan was driving and was understandably shaken. Good thing, he didn't veer into the cars on either side of us, and kept his cool. What an ass some guy was to have his truck so craptastically loaded and to cut us off like that. Luckily our car was driveable and my dad and Peter fixed it for us (yet again) but sheesh, we cannot catch a break with this car!

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