Friday, November 10, 2006

Antibiotic children

Today was kind of a shitty day. But before I get to that, let me thank all of you who have left comments. I will have to try the food Jax & Kel recommended, and it is interesting to see people's results on the quizzes.

This morning Lauren was screaming and crying when she tried to take her nap. This is very unlike her, so I felt instinctively something was wrong. We took her to the doctor and she has an ear infection. :( She's on antibiotics and Jake is, too.

After we dropped off her prescription at the pharmacy, we went to Tuesday morning to buy wrapping paper and I had a little incident. This happens to me about once every 2 or 3 years-I get this weird tunnel vision thing and start seeing spots. If i'm reading a number, say "2489", if i focus on the 24, then i can't read the 89, and vice versa. If I close my eyes, it's mostly okay. So I have to get to a dark room and lie down and try to sleep. Last time it happened, Jenna came over and took me to the ER but by the time I finally saw a doctor, the symptoms had gone away. Saw an opthamolist who thought it was either stress related or an occular migraine. I was not under stress either time, and in the times in my life when I have been under a lot of stress, nothing happened to me physiologically that was worth seeking medical attention.

Anyway, Ryan dropped me & Lauren off at home and then went to the pharmacy to pick up Lauren's first ever prescription, which did not go well because they could not find her in the HealthNet system. Ryan called and they did not have a record of her in their system, but he had added her in April. So he had to pay full price for the prescription, which wasn't too bad, but made us worry that all these months, she had not been covered under medical insurance and we would have to reimburse the pediatrician's office. Because he thought he would worry about it all weekend, Ryan drove back to his office tonight and found the fax confirmation page from the form he sent months ago adding her to his insurance. Now on Monday he'll call his HR office and raise hell.

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stud-horse said...

Give 'em hell, Ryan!

Strange, I was thinking of transferring us to HealthNet during open enrollment because work is thinking of dropping Pacificare as a provider. This gives me second thoughts...