Thursday, December 06, 2012

William 2 year update

I just found an old draft I wrote on 10/3, and published it.  I felt a little bad about it, though (which is why I had delayed publishing it at all) because it's mostly complaining about being alone with my kid all morning, and William is really a sweet, easygoing child.  I couldn't ask for a better toddler if I have one keeping me company.  Most of the time, he's quite agreeable and even in instances where he's not, it's all completely age-appropriate.  (We're hearing "no" quite a bit right on schedule.)

He's trying harder to talk so there's less cave-man grunting and more sweet little phrases he comes up with like this one upon being caught in his first rainstorm- "Yay!  Falling water!".  He calls Lauren "Tee-ta" now instead of "Lo".  He says "Yites!" for Christmas lights, just like Lauren did.  ("Yay! I love yites!"  He is obsessed with "twash" and has to close the lid of every open trash can he sees.  He received a big Bruder trash truck for his birthday, which came with 2 miniature trash cans, and he plays with it every day.  Also 4 more trucks.

He likes to say "I WOULD" when he means "would like to".  "I would eat!  I would that!" "I would cut!  I would touch!  I would walk!  I would eat cake!  I LOVE cake!  CAKEY!"

At his well-visit, he weighed 36 pounds and was 38 1/2 inches tall (also I never blogged this but at 18 months, he was 36 inches and 34 pounds), which means if he stays on his height-curve, adult-William will be 6' 5"!  He eats about 3 times as often as I do, and his favorite treat these days is "shaboos!" (strawberries) or else "dooce" (juice).

He loves to make stacks of blocks and to play with his cars and to take baths with "buboos" and "shahmpoo!"   He wants to explore the neighborhood, and has named one of the local squirrels Julia.  Her husband or son or arch-enemy, another squirrel who runs around and chases her, is called Paul.

Back to my changing feelings about being home with William, it's gotten easier in the past 8 weeks since I wrote that post, partly because I seem to sense the fleetingness of it, knowing he'll be in nursery school in July so I will have less than a year left at home with what will likely be my last baby.  He's also so loving and sweet to me, and such a charmer.  

A funny story about that-we were at Home Depot and he had run off nearby, when a woman wearing the same colored jeans was shopping nearby.  He ran over and hugged her ankles, thinking it was me.  When she looked down and he saw that it was a stranger, there was a moment of shock on his face.  Instead of crying or looking embarrassed, he took a beat, then played it off as intentional and beamed a giant, flirtatious grin at her, like "how YOU doin'?"

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