Tuesday, November 01, 2011

You Should See the Other Guy

This is the kind of thing where, if I were the nanny I'd be fired. While watching William today, he crawled over and pulled himself up to stand, using our nightstand like he's done many times before. Should have seen this as a hazard, but all the other times, it was sturdy. Only this time, he pulled the entire thing down to the floor, on top of himself.

He was screaming and when I pulled it off of him, at first I did not even notice the cuts by his eye, I was just focused on his leg being crushed. (The leg is fine.) Then there was that unmistakeable iron smell of blood, and I noticed my shirt was bloodied. I took him to the doctor and at first she thought it needed stitches but upon closer examination, found that it was not very deep. So she prescribed special antibiotic cream that can go near the eye. Probably good stuff to have on hand for future injuries that I'm sure will happen.

Meanwhile, this little bruiser is getting extra snuggles from his parents and "Lo", as he calls Lauren. I was supposed to go to my office this afternoon for an important meeting with my boss and her boss, but I had to cancel. If ever a baby needed his mama, this was the day. He's been pretty happy with all of the extra attention, and I even let him stay up late and took him to Trader Joe's in the Ergo, so he fell asleep nestled against me. Which was pretty nice.

Probably does not need to be stated, but Lauren never toppled furniture before. At least I can't remember any times that she was rushed to the doctor with injuries, other than the one time she cut her wrist. So William's living up to that stereotypical boy energy.

The funny thing is, yesterday was Halloween, and he had his beagle costume on for about 5 minutes, kept trying to pull it off and was generally miserable.  So I let him wear his "Great Pumpkin" T-shirt and that's about as dressed-up as he got.  But I could not take pictures of either outfit because I was holding him and the camera.  When I set him down to get a shot, he crawled into some dirt and got filthy.  So under pressure from the grandparents wanting to see his first Halloween, I was going to secretly dress him up again this afternoon and reenact it for the camera.  But now I  will never get a believable shot because yesterday his eye looked just fine.
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