Monday, October 03, 2011

Mixed Emotions on the first day of Kindergarten

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I saved this to drafts a few weeks ago.  Those are two shots from the 1st day of kindergarten and we're now a few weeks in.   For the most part, Lauren loves school and dislikes homework.  I can't say I enjoy it either, sitting with her and reading each line of direction, thwarting her stall tactics ("I have to go to the bathroom again.  It's just that my throat is SO DRY.  This is NOT the best pencil.  Could I maybe do this LATER?").  But we're managing!

Still, I see why "homework clubs" and tutors for little children are so popular.  I'd put helping with homework in that category of "things I'd love to outsource", along with scrubbing the toilet and installing car seats...What would you pay someone else to do if budget was not a concern?  Comments, please!


Sweet Coalminer said...

Oooh! Bathing children, dishes, weekend cooking, and putting laundry away!

Brighter Schemata said...

I like your list, except I enjoy cooking, just not doing the dishes afterwards. Bathing children, hmmm, around here they love their baths but yeah, watching William so he doesn't drown or cut his face again on the shower door is tedious. And laundry, oh bleck. I seem to ALWAYS have laundry in the hamper even today when I washed 4 loads after 2 loads yesterday. And I am not good at laundry stains.