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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Real Houseguests of New York

We just got back from a week in NY/NJ for a family wedding. Can't even put into words, how great it was to be back. Here are a few photos of the hundreds that I took! I may post wedding photos at some point but want to run it past the now-honeymooning bride and groom. Above, you see Lauren catching fireflies for the first time, playing soccer with cousins, relaxing on Aunt Patty's deck chair, and gamely wearing the Yankees hat Uncle Freddie & Aunt Marguerite bought her, even though she's still a die-hard Dodgers fan!

The one thing we would do differently next time is to stay more than 1 night in a row in one place. Because of different scheduled events-2 BBQs, a rehearsal dinner, and a wedding, we ended up staying in 4 different places,so we weren't even in one town for 2 nights in a row. It worked out that it was Uncle Freddie and Aunt Marguerite's house in NY for 1 night, then Uncle Tony & Aunt Patty's, then a hotel in NJ, then a castle, then back to Uncle Fred's and then back to Aunt Patty's, then Uncle Freddie's, then home. Whew!

We had so much delicious food. Of course, real NY pizza and Jersey bagels. I also brought back 12 potato knishes because I can't seem to find the flat ones around here and the round ones I do find are nothing like the Coney Island/Brooklyn ones from home. Lauren wanted to bring bagels back to share with her class, but they would have been stale by then. So instead, we took anisette toast cookies, which I don't see much in stores around here so they're pretty uniquely NY in my book.
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