Sunday, November 21, 2010

William's first bath

His cord finally fell off last night so William had his first bath today. He liked it, seemed quietly interested in the water. This in contrast to his sister, whose cord fell off after only a few days, so had her first bath shortly after coming home from the hospital, and screamed during it.

"Helpful Lauren" assisted with checking the water temperature and getting a washcloth. We used the Burt's Bees wash, same kind we used to use for Lauren. I just love how it smells, like baby cologne.

Yesterday when the cord fell off, Lauren noticed it first while I was changing his diaper. "Oooh, Mommy, look!", she said and her eyes got big as she pointed. I thought she was pointing at something else, and started reiterating that he is a boy and has different parts than she does. "No, no, no, I know all about that! Look, his CORD FELL OFF!". Then we had a few minutes where we couldn't find it. I did not want a surprise if it had fallen into the couch cushions or on the carpet or something. Yuck! It turned out to have fallen into the toe of his pajama sleepers. So we threw it out. I get sentimental about some things, but body parts is not one of them. So we won't be saving it for the scrapbook. ;)
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