Friday, September 03, 2010

Before I could post about the first one...

...she lost the second one! Two baby teeth gone in 4 days! On Saturday, we were at Nonna and Poppy's house and Lauren lost her first tooth. It had been loose for a few weeks. 3 weeks ago, Dr. Schwartz told me that her teeth would probably fall out within the next 2 weeks. I had not even noticed they were loose! Nor had Lauren, but once she knew, she kept wiggling them. When we were visiting my parents last week and in the pool, my dad reached into her mouth and took it out. It was only hanging on by a thread anyway. It didn't hurt and Lauren was very excited.

We hadn't decided whether we were observing the Tooth Fairy ritual or not, but the dentist decided for us, telling Lauren that the fairy leaves money under the pillow but *only* if the teeth are clean and have been brushed every night. Lately toothbrushing has been a nightly struggle, so anything to help ease the battles...

Anyway, Lauren left this note:

(add it later when I'm not so tired)

and in the morning, she found $1 and a brand new Hello Kitty toothbrush. A few days later, I found Lauren's tooth in my purse in a ziplock bag, so the tooth fairy must have returned it so that I could keep it in the nice little ceramic box Aunt Marguerite sent, along with the first lock of hair.

On Monday night her tooth came out while she was eating ice cream after dinner at the kitchen table. She was so excited that she immediately called Nonnon, Poppy and then Uncle Peter and then Ammy. They were all happy for her. She wrote another letter to the tooth fairy asking what she looked like. In answer, the next day under her pillow there was $1 and a beautiful vintage Victorian hand mirror with an illustration on the back of a cupid/fairy creature who, we all surmise, *must* be the tooth fairy!
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Lea Marie said... I KNOW its been TOO LONG since we've seen you! I had a feeling, but wow, does this bring it home!

I love that she left a mirror! That's awesome!

Thinking of you a bit lately....hope to see you sometime.