Saturday, February 07, 2009

Actually a 33 & 34 Month Update

"Actually, I..." Lauren loves to start sentences with that. No updates the past few months because it's hard to take a moment and put the words down while the whirliwind of activity is going on. A few weeks ago, Lauren started going to "sool" all day on Wednesdays. The week prior, I went to pick her up one day and she said "no, go back to work, Mommy. Why can't I stay here and take my nap with the other kids?". So, I talked to the director and arranged for her to stay one full day. We chose Wednesdays. I did this mainly because it's the day least likely to be a vacation day where the school is closed. She has already missed a lot of Monday mornings due to holidays.

School is going well for her, she comes home and chatters on and on about her day. Once in awhile she makes up things that I suspect did not happen. Last week she had a story about how two girls in her class had been in a car accident but they were fine because they were in their car seats.

They teach the kids to work things out among themselves and to say "Stop! I don't like that! No me gusta!" so she tries that on me at home. I'll be about to strap her in my car seat and she'll say it. Then she tries to give me assertiveness lessons. We were at the car dealership waiting to get the code for my stereo. It took a very long time and she got squirmy and said "Mommy, you need to tell them "I don't like this! I won't wait. I'll show you how. No me gusta!"

She is very much into Disney Princesses and a little bit into her Fancy Nancy books. She is VERY particular about what she'll wear, and sometimes I can coax her into wearing something because it "looks like something Fancy Nancy would wear" or she had a yellow dress that is "just like Belle's". It's very pathetic that of all people, me, who does not like Disney, has a daughter who really does. She loves to go to "the DIZ-in-ey staw" and point out things that she would like for her birthday.

She continues to be my very sweet girl, full of affection and compliments. Yesterday she told Ryan "you are the best daddy in the whole wide WORLD" and she tells me I am her best friend. Sometimes she says "Mommy, you're the girl I've been looking for! Let's get married!" and laughs.

She embarassed me in public for the first time, by loudly asking me a question about the people at Trader Joe's. I will have to tell the story in person (when she's not around) because Ryan thinks it would traumatize her if it were in print and came back to haunt her later in life. :)

She's remarkably self-aware about her emotions. The other day Leora came over and I got to hold her newborn daughter, Delaney. Lauren told me, "I don't like it when you hold that baby. I'm a little bit jealous. I think I don't like it because I like to be your baby."

There is more to write, but that will have to do you for now (okay, MOM??). I'll post a pic in a sec.

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