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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


So, we sold a baby item on Craig's List last night. We felt bad for the people who were buying it, since they had a preemie baby in the NICU, and they had travelled a great distance from not the best part of town, so I gave them a few baby books and some other items for free. (Plus we had a really cheap price to begin with.) When they were leaving, Ryan said "We should have given it to them for free". I felt a little bad about it then, so when they were walking out, I asked them if they wanted some other things (which I was going to take to the consignment store where I'd get credit for other children's clothes & toys for Lauren). Ended up giving them a big pile of stuff. Then when they left, I walked them out and saw their brand new Mercedes.

Maybe I am particularly sensitive to this since at the moment, we have only 1 working car that is 13 years old and Ryan is borrowing one from his family member, but I feel like if someone has the cash to drop for a $80,000 vehicle, they should not be buying secondhand baby things on Craig's List. Actually, not even to this instance exactly. In this instance, the people never asked for free things, we just gave it to them. But another time I sold another baby item for at a low price and this pregnant lady came to buy it and said "I only have this much, is that okay?" after having driven all the way from Encinco. At the time, I was new to selling stuff and had put the cheap price to sell it quickly, not thinking someone would try to pay even less. Flabergasted, I just said "Um, okay". And helped her carry it out to her car, another brand new Mercedes.

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steve said...

1. Mercedes drivers are cheap assholes.

2. Encinco - is that the part of The Valley where the five Mexicans live?