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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Someone told me once that to tell how tall a child will be as an adult, take the 2 year height and double it. If this is true and if I measured correctly, Lauren will be at least 6 feet tall. She is 36 inches now. This is above 95th percentile for height. This means she'll be growing out of her carseat sooner than we thought. I'll have to have a conversation with her doctor about when she thinks we should switch. I thought she was tall but I didn't realize it had reached epic proportions.

But then again, maybe I just measured wrong. ;)

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Kate B said...

I know the feeling. At 4 months, Mina was, erm... 26 inches? 95th percentile. I'd heard a different way to tell the height of a girl. Something about average the dad's height minus three inches with the mom's height plus two inches. Or some other arcane arithmancy. Either way, our daughters will be shopping together for tall girl clothes.